Bumble reveals there are 41 ‘The Ones’ for daters in India

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For eons, we have been conditioned to romanticize the idea of having one great love in our lives. While many believe there is just ‘The One’ for us, Bumble, the women-first dating app, reveals that, on an average, there are at least 41 potential ‘The Ones’ for daters in India. There are a minimum of 38 ‘The Ones’ for Bengalureans, 30 for Hyderabadis, 61 for Delhiites and Mumbaikars, 44 for people in Kolkata, 24 in Ahmedabad, and 32 for Chennai.

With this new study, devised in partnership with mathematician Neelakantha Bhanu, Bumble found that the average dater in India can, in fact, expect to meet multiple ‘The Ones’ throughout their lifetime. Bumble’s recent internal study found that the pandemic has made 66% of people in India feel empowered to determine their own dating timelines as single people want to date at their own pace and time. With this campaign, Bumble aims to debunk outdated dating norms and encourage its community to be open to newer opportunities and date as their authentic selves in 2022.

Explaining his equation, renowned mathematician Neelakantha Bhanu said, “We have been told all our lives that there is only that ‘one person’ for us. I’ve always thought that there are many possible ‘Ones’ out there for all of us. The concept of just one perfect match out of billions of people on the planet is mathematically highly unlikely. I hope this study helps daters to feel more optimistic about their dating journey. Every individual is different so there is no one hard-and-fast rule but being authentic and honest should mathematically increase the daters’ probability of finding a match – although maths doesn’t account for chemistry and attraction when meeting in person!”

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