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We are experiencing extraordinary developments in our daily use of technology. I am Nidhi Vaish, an architect by profession (Founder, Yellow Brick Road Designs); and one of the most common asks I receive from homeowners today, is the seamless integration of their dream homes with technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a part of our lives in more ways that we can imagine, so here are my top 5 picks for choosing tech-enabled home appliances that make our everyday lives easier and hassle free. 

Smart Appliances

One very interesting technology that I’ve come across recently is “Home Connect”. It grants consumers easy access to smart home appliances from anywhere, and through different touchpoints, such as smartphones, voice assistants and a variety of smart watches. The Home Connect feature is available in select Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau appliances. For instance, while relaxing on the sofa with the Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine and Home Connect, I was able to brew the perfect cup of java, and benefit from exclusive varieties and intuitive remote functions directly with my smartphone and tablet. Again, a contender for the “Great to have” category.

Smart fridge 

Your new smart fridge may be able to track when food is low and place orders for you when you’re out of supplies. Or, better yet, you could use AI to help you create the perfect meal with just the ingredients you have in the refrigerator. To make your life simpler, the latest Bosch smart fridge is a must try! This goes into my “Personal Favorite” category!

Smart Assistant

Hybrid working calls for multitasking, which can be quite challenging. A smart assistant can make it a bit easier with hands-free, voice-controlled interaction, so you can just browse the internet for anything at any time you like, order groceries, play some music – you name it, it can be done effortlessly with a smart assistant at your service. You can also set task reminders and more. In my opinion, a Smart Assistant goes under the “Must-Have” category. 

Robot vacuum 

This has been one of the most talked about appliances in our circle. We all agree that efficiency is everything. These trendy robot vacuums are as useful as trendy for any new space. This little beast is completely low maintenance, covers the nooks and corners of the home as if on a mission. For the advantages and technologically advanced cleaning appliance that this robot vacuum is, it is also great value for money. 

Smart alarm clock

Smart alarm clocks have been my best friend when I’ve had a long night. Your smart alarm clock can make video calls, with a tiny 2.5-inch screen, or become a nursery camera. It can also be connected to external speakers, either through cable or Bluetooth. The most fun part is that they let you set an alarm with just your voice, and you wake up to your favorite Spotify playlist with a record of how you slept through the night.

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