Crocin Pain Relief goes live with their new television campaign building on “effective on headache, gentle on you” credentials

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Crocin Pain Relief, an analgesic brand for headache relief by Haleon goes live with its new TV campaign. The communication highlights that Crocin Pain Relief is safe to consume on an empty stomach. The story builds around the narrative of how Crocin Pain Relief comes to rescue of the protagonist who is suffering from headache, to provide effective relief and yet be gentle on his stomach. Crocin Pain relief is a combination of 650 mg paracetamol and 50 mg caffeine which is an effective yet gentle remedy for headaches.

There are various misconceptions that consumers have around consumption of Paracetamol. One such misconception is around consumption of medicine on an empty stomach. Paracetamol is gentle for the stomach and does not irritate the stomach lining, so it can be consumed empty stomach. 

Dr. T. Shankar, M.S. ENT, said, “Paracetamol is one of the most trusted drugs among Indian households. Paracetamol is high in safety and efficacy. It is considered suitable for the treatment of many conditions like headache and can even be consumed empty stomach.”

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