Dyson launches its ‘Pet Groom Tool’ for mess-free grooming and healthier homes

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Managing pet hairis nowmade easier, as Dysonlaunches its Pet groom tool in India. Engineered to provide respite to the challenges around pet hair, the new revolutionary tool allows pet parents to brush loose hair off their pet and directly into the Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaners.

The pet parents can buy the Dyson Pet grooming kitto groom medium and long-haired pets. It includes a Pet groom tool, extension hose and quick-release adaptor.The Pet groom tool is acoustically engineered to make grooming more peaceful for the pet. The grooming brush has 364 slicker bristles that are angled at a 35-degree flex to an upright position as you brush. It can be used without the vacuum being switched on, and post-grooming it can be switched on to suck up the hair. 

Monika Stuczen, Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson, says

“The impact pets have in the home goes beyond what we can see. Effectively removing pet hair is important, but pet dander with dried-on saliva is a problem which is invisible to the naked eye. These microscopic particles can carry allergy-causing proteins around the home. Lightweight and miniscule, they can remain airborne for hours or transfer between objects. Research has even found cat allergens in rooms where cats have never been. So, the proper filtration found in Dyson machines is vital to maintain a cleaner whole-home environment.”

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