Early signs of heart Failure

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The term heart failure is a condition wherein the blood pumping capacity of the heart is significantly reduced. Generally, people attribute heart failure to sudden non-functioning of the heart, given the name of the condition. However, heart failure can be of Sudden onset or More commonly is a slow process where the heart muscles gradually weaken, and the pumping function declines. Heart attack, on the other hand, refers to blocked coronary circulation, wherein the blood supply to the heart muscles reduces drastically produces damage to the Heart muscle and relatively low awareness about the disease profile, it is imperative to push for timely screening and seeking advanced clinical intervention.

Dr M Srinivas Rao, Head of Department – Cardiology, Senior Consultant Cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad said, “Both Heart attack and Heart Failure incidence and prevalence in growing enormously in India. Heart Failure patients in India are younger by 10-years, and most of the burden lies below 65years of age, as compared to the patients from high-income countries. Since heart failure has high mortality, prevention of heart failure is extremely important by addressing the risk factors for development of heart failure.”

The commonest cause of heart failure is Ischemic heart disease (Reduced blood supply to the heart on account of blocks in the arteries supplying the heart muscle), other conditions that lead to heart failure are uncontrolled hypertension, malfunctioning valves of the heart, diabetes, obesity and primary disorders of heart muscle.

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