Experience a Whole New Level of Gaming with Samsung Odyssey Ark, the World’s First 55-inch 1000R Curved Gaming Display for an Ultimate Immersive Experience

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Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, launched the world’s first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen, Odyssey Ark, adding a completely new form factor to the industry-leading Odyssey line-up. Odyssey Ark delivers a 165Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, plus an all-new Cockpit Mode and an exclusive controller, the Ark Dial, offering the ultimate window into the world of gaming with unparalleled immersion.

A new frontier in gaming, Odyssey Ark offers incredible cinematic experiences, superior gaming performance, and an interface that offers completely optimized flexibility.

The large 55-inch screen wraps around the user’s field of view with its 1000R curvature, filling their peripheral vision, and allowing gamers to view the entire screen at a glance without moving, for an immersive experience. Further, the Cockpit Mode lets gamers experience a new kind of immersion as if they are in a cockpit, especially when enjoying vertical content created for mobiles. This mode enables the screen to rotate with a HAS (Height Adjustable Stand), tilt, and pivot for an optimal screen setup. 

Along with a 165Hz refresh rate, the Odyssey Ark brings together 4K resolution featuring a 1 ms response time with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, maximizing on-screen accuracy and giving gamers a competitive edge in fast-moving environments.

The Odyssey Ark comes with Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology using Quantum Mini LEDs, which enable ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs. With newly added 14-bit processing, a sophisticated lighting control technology, gamers see both dark and bright scenes, including 16,384 black levels for ultra-realistic graphics.

For a supreme cinematic experience, the Odyssey Ark leverages Samsung’s Matte Display and Sound Dome Technology. The Matte Display provides both anti-glare and anti-reflection protection, minimizing distractions and keeping users focused on the content in front of them. The Odyssey Ark introduces magnificent sound with Sound Dome Tech featuring AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos to enhance the surround sound experience. Four speakers, one at each corner, and two central woofers result in realistic and rich sound thanks to 60W 2.2.2 channel speakers with the lowest 45Hz notes of any gaming screen or gaming soundbar.

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