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Maintaining good health is not about achieving those perfect washboard abs or donning a muscular body. It means staying fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. Sharing the importance of healthy living and promoting a fit lifestyle, World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 every year. This year Sony BBC Earth plans to make this day extra special by debunking myths and revealing truths about the various diets, immune systems, mental wellbeing, and more. Watch this special segment all day long – 12:00 PM to 07:00 PM on April 7, 2022.

Truth About Eating Healthy – Every year, we spend an exorbitant amount of money on things that are good for us. The promise of better health is the ultimate sales pitch. This show debunks the myths that guide our decisions using the most up-to-date scientific knowledge. Learn why multivitamin supplements have no impact and why detox treatments are a complete waste of money due to our bodies’ inherent functions. The Truth About Healthy Eating is a ground-breaking approach to a topic that affects us all.

Truth About Crash Diet – Crash dieting may sound enticing as a rapid way to lose weight, but it is not a long-term solution. It affects your metabolism and produces nutritional shortages, even though it has a quick reaction. Crash diets impair the immune system and put you at risk for dehydration, heart palpitations, and cardiac stress. Truth About Crash Diet will bring to you all the facts and myths associated with crash dieting and help you make an informed choice.

Truth About Boosting Your Immune System – Pandemic has made us realise the ultimate key to staying fit is by strengthening our immune system. The immune system is essentially a network of white blood cells, often known as immune cells, that exist throughout our bodies. Using ground-breaking science, this show reveals myths and key questions about our very own secret weapon. 

Truth About Getting Fit – It’s not necessary to run marathons or go to the gym every night to improve your fitness. To get the most out of exercise, people need to perform the right type of exercise, at the right time and in the right place. This special investigates how to motivate people to keep to their fitness goals, and if exercises improve people’s intelligence. Science can help everyone exercise better whether it’s for people who do not like workout or those who are too busy to go to the gym, or fitness enthusiasts who are looking to achieve better results.

Truth About Improving Your Mental Health – It’s time to get us all feeling better. This show offers an evidence-based guide to staying mentally well in a global pandemic. Staying calm when the world is in crisis is no easy task, but this show is here to help. Taking a closer look at common concerns – from anxiety to insomnia – and sharing strategies for staying mentally well, it offers a science-backed guide to mental health. Find out what really could make a difference in how you feel.

Are Health tests really a good idea? – Despite living longer and healthier lives than ever before, we have never been more obsessed with our health. And to detect the signs of silent killers lurking inside, more and more of us are turning to health tests. In this surprising film, human guinea pig Michael Mosley puts himself through a battery of health tests available to people who feel perfectly well. From a simple assessment to a state-of-the-art heart CT scan, Michael answers whether the test was really worth the cash along with the risks associated with them. 

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