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The launch of VIDA V1, powered by Hero, heralds a new chapter in sustainable mobility. VIDA meaning ‘life’, is a promise of a better world. An affirmation of life itself! A quality of life that ensures wellness, vitality, joy, and the permission to dream! the VIDA V1 will play a crucial role by reducing tail-pipe emissions, promoting eco-friendly behavior and leading to a conscious shift in overall consumption patterns. We must redesign the entire value system and ecosystem of a product and service to have meaningful results for the future of our planet. We have taken the responsibility to contribute towards building a sustainable future, so that the generations that come after us inherit a better planet than the one that we live in. With our tagline ‘Make Way’, VIDA V1 is paving the path to a greener & cleaner planet.”

Dr. Pawan Munjal,

Chairman and CEO

Hero MotoCorp

Ushering in an era of sustainability and clean mobility, VIDA V1 – Powered by Hero – the new age fully- integrated electric vehicle (EV) made its debut today.

Designed and developed at Hero’s state-of-the-art R&D hubs, the Centre of Innovation and Technology (CIT) in Jaipur and the Hero Tech Centre Germany (TCG) near Munich, VIDA V1 is being manufactured at Hero MotoCorp’s Garden Factory at Chittoor, in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The development and production of the VIDA V1 follows all-encompassing approach to sustainability involving compliance with strict environmental and social standards in the extraction of raw materials, plus the use of electricity from renewable sources and a high proportion of recycled materials in the mix.

VIDA V1 is being launched in a phased manner, with the product being available for retail sales in Delhi, Bengaluru and Jaipur to begin with, and subsequently in other cities.

Available in two variants –V1 Pro and V1 Plus, the new Electric Scooter can be booked online on vidaworld.com and at VIDA Experience Centers in Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru from October 10, 2022 onwards at an attractive price of INR. 2499/-.  Customer deliveries will commence from the second week of December, with VIDA V1 Plus – INR 145,000/- and VIDA V1 Pro – INR 159,000/- respectively.

(*ex-showroom Delhi)

VIDA V1 Plus is available in three exciting colors – Matte White, Matte Sports Red and Gloss Black while VIDA V1 Pro comes in four colors, including these three and Matte Abrax Orange.

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