New Spotify Original ‘Dear Teenage Me’ addresses the common challenges of adolescence

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Spotify has launched its new podcast, Dear Teenage Me, that spans 26 episodes and highlights some of the most common problems that the younger generation faces today. Produced by Yuvaa Originals, and hosted by actor Ahsaas Channa, the podcast aims to pass the mic to Gen-Z voices. New episodes of the series drop on Tuesday and Thursday every week, and delve into topics such as body image issues, societal pressures, mental health, and beyond. 

Each episode, 6-8 minutes long, will feature raw, real, and relatable stories, and valuable lessons. Ahsaas and her guests will share deeply personal anecdotes based on their teenage years that felt like a rollercoaster ride with its various ups and downs. Through popular content creators and inspirational individuals, the podcast hopes to connect with listeners and put issues – big and small – in perspective. 

Dhruvank Vaidya, Head of Podcasts, Spotify India, said, “As a digital-native generation, the Zs are engaging in conversations around gender, careers, mental health, patriarchy, and more on social media, audio platforms, and in offline groups. Podcasts are increasingly becoming the go-to source for information, entertainment, and educational content and listeners trust and form an intimate bond with them. Our Culture Next Report showed that nearly 50% of Zs ranked their trust in podcasts higher than their average trust in traditional media sources, including TV, newspapers, and radio. With Dear Teenage Me, we want to bring these conversations to as many young listeners as possible, and also to those who are curious about how the youth experience life today.”

“Dear Teenage Me is close to my heart since I belong to Gen Z too, and was a teenager not too long ago. Hearing these incredible stories of young people talking about everything from mental health to relationship problems, and academic pressure to body issues, has been such a powerful experience for me, and I’m excited to share these stories with our listeners. I hope that this podcast, made with the team at Spotify and Yuvaa, takes people back to their teenage years and reminds us of all our unique journeys, and makes us kinder and more empathetic”, said Ahsaas Channa.

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