Quixy graces high-octane panel on the game changing technology that is Low-Code / No-Code

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NASSCOM, the premier trade body and chamber of commerce of the Tech industry in India, hosted an insightful panel on the democratization of software development through Low Code and No Code technology. The tools gained massive acclaim worldwide for their ability to simplify software development. The NASSCOM panel scrutinized how LCNC is reshaping software development through its ability to deliver new capabilities with lower dependence on developers. Quixy, a leading No-Code technology platform from Hyderabad, in its expert capacity, was invited to share insights on the phenomenon of citizen development and to breakdown the myths surrounding this novel technology.

During the panel, Mr. Guruprasad Pammi, Head, Customer Success, Quixy, said “There’s a rapidly growing receptivity in India and overseas for no-code technology owing to its efficiency. At Quixy, we have recorded a growing trust from customers, who have evolved from deploying no-code for simple use cases to more complex and integral functions. Quixy works with over 15 industries that have exploited the novel technology to digitize their functions in the nimblest and cost-efficient way. It is crucial for the government and the IT ecosystems across industries to leverage the opportunities for growth posed by LCNC technologies.”

The panel also witnessed the active participation of Mr. Siddhartha Mohanty, Co-founder & CTO, ARETEANS and Mr. Manne V. Chowdary, Founder & CEO, AmpleLogic. The panel also widely discussed the success stories born out of the incorporation of NCLC technology to organizational functions.

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