Reconnaissance Survey for the “Revitalization of Besant Road and its precincts” conducted by the School of Architecture of KL Deemed-to-be University

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KL Deemed-to-be University, one of the leading Universities in the country for graduation and higher education, has announced the commencement of its Survey to revitalize Besant Road in Vijayawada. As a part of their Urban Revitalizing Project, 37 students from KL School of Architecture are conducting a widespread, tech-enabled survey to explore the feasibility of improving 2 Sq Km of Besant Road and its precincts. Data from the survey with a sample size of 830 stakeholders will help shape to a schematic design plan to guide development in the area which could not meet the needs of current scenario.

The study will cover a detailed explanation of the modifications required in the study area as opined by pedestrians, sellers, and other stakeholders. The students will then propose Urban Design solutions to bring back the glory of the place with the upliftment of Design standards of Besant Road. The students have developed a QR code to the survey questionnaire, which can be scanned by Besant Road users to answer at their convenience. Post survey and analysis, the talent of KL University will submit their suggestions on revitalization solutions to the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) and the Commissioner is expected to attend the final presentation of the proposals by the 2nd week of December.

KL School of Architecture was noted for its brilliant execution of transformational projects recently. The students have earlier worked on a village named Sunabeda, Odisha. They have presented a detailed documentation of the settlement and have provided architectural and infrastructural solutions to the settlement. Similarly, the current urban study on Enhancement of Besant road is guided by 4 faculty members – Ar. S. Sravani, Ar. B. Kiran Kumar, Ar. K. Harshitha and Ar. P. Senthil Kumar.

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