Sendbird Embraces Generative AI: Company Launches No-Code Chatbots Powered by ChatGPT for Web and Mobile Apps

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Sendbird, the global conversations platform for mobile apps with over 300 million monthly active users, today announced a new low-code API to supercharge chatbots with ChatGPT. It opens a world of possibilities for web and mobile chat app developers and product managers, who can quickly tap into generative AI’s power to assist users. Businesses have the opportunity to revolutionize their chatbot experience seamlessly with more personalized and sophisticated answers to complicated questions, further driving customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

This new chatbot API instantly enables over 1,300 apps, transacting 7 billion+ monthly messages on the Sendbird platform. Layering the current chat experience with GPT AI chatbots takes customer engagement and OpenAI’s usage to a new level. Now acting as middleware, Sendbird enables online businesses that embed chat to reinvent their chatbot experience across a wide range of verticals, including marketplaces, healthcare, financial services, on-demand, education, and more. An incredible opportunity is at the grasp of businesses that want to combine the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT with customer data to generate custom answers tailored to their exact customers’ needs. 

Fulfilling the Promise of Human-Like Chatbot Interactions with ChatGPT

Sendbird developed a new API to dramatically improve chatbot conversations with personalized and intelligent responses previously only possible with humans. Previous chatbots suffered from being too scripted and inflexible. If a user asked a series of common questions, for example, the chatbot would give them preset answers, quickly reaching the end of its scripted capabilities. If the interaction continued outside its scope, it would likely say, “Let me hand you off to a human agent.” This wound up being a shallow and short-lived experience that offered limited value. 

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