This World Sleep Day, P&G partners with World Sleep Society with an aim to make India Sleep Better

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On a few nights, do you face difficulty falling asleep? Or wake up tired, sometimes perhaps before the alarm clock? Or wake up multiple times at night? Then you might be facing Occasional Sleeplessness.

Sahil Sethi, Senior Marketing Director & Category Leader, Health Care, P&G India, states that You are not alone, as the ZzzQuil India National Sleep Survey1 by Kantar and P&G, revealed that almost 85% Indians are not satisfied with their sleep, and 60% face Occasional Sleeplessness.

As a World Leader in Sleep Health, and a proud partner to World Sleep Day 2023, P&G is on a mission to make India sleep better with our ZzzQuil #BetterZzzBetterMe Movement. This movement in collaboration with consumers, content creators, media houses, pharmacists, and associations, aims to create awareness on identification of sleep issues, good sleeping habits and ways to address occasional sleeplessness to be able to be your best selves.” Sleep is essential for health and a critical pillar like nutrition and physical activity2,3According to World Sleep Society, “Healthy Sleep is more than simple duration”. The 3 elements of good quality sleep are (1) Duration: The length of sleep should be sufficient for the sleeper to be rested and alert the following day. (2) Continuity: Sleep periods should be seamless without fragmentation. (3) Depth: Sleep should be deep enough to be restorative.

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