Urban Mobility Survey reveals that over 56% of the respondents have been highly impacted by the increase in fuel prices in Hyderabad

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MG Motor India released its report on the findings of Urban Mobility Happiness Survey today. The survey, conducted by Nielsen gathered valuable insights into the mobility patterns of people residing in major Indian cities, and the challenges they face while commuting. The findings of the survey are a reflection of the state of urban mobility in India, and could prove to be useful for all stakeholders, including policymakers, to facilitate better urban mobility infrastructure for all.

The survey was conducted in the 8 Indian cities of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, most of which are known for the numerous challenges faced by their residents during their daily commute. Respondents to the survey included males and females aged 18 to 37 years, having at least one car in their household. Key revelations from the survey are as follows:

General Findings:

74% recognize insufficient parking infrastructure as a common problem.

Vehicle parking is a common issue faced by car-owners in Indian cities. Merely 26% of survey respondents found it easy to locate parking, while 74% struggled with the availability and management of parking spaces in their cities. Approximately 64% of individuals reported that they either decided not to use their cars due to the unavailability of parking or had to adjust their plans according to parking availability.

71% of car owners in India travel with only one co-passenger

Shared mobility is not a popular practice amongst most car-owners in Indian cities. About 71% respondents to the survey reported taking their car out alone or at most with one other passenger. Only a meager 1% of the respondents reported to always travel with more than one passenger.

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