Watch mysteries unfolding with Sony BBC Earth’s November line-up

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To keep the viewers captivated with the remarkable realities of our world and present them with astonishing facts, Sony BBC Earth is back with an exciting lineup of content taking you to the world of science and technology. The channel is all set to present the viewers with an experience of the land of glaciers and geysers where the sun never sets in the show ‘Iceland with Alexander Armstrong’, gives them a chance to navigate through the British waters with ‘Coastal Fishing with Robson Green’ and introduces them to some of the biggest science mysteries with ‘Science’s Greatest Mysteries’. 

On a quest to discover all Iceland has to offer and witness erupting geysers, Alexander Armstong visits breathtaking glaciers and meets a man who bakes bread in boiling water in his show ‘Iceland with Alexander Armstrong’. He also takes you through the buzzing streets of Reykjavik, playing around and sampling the world’s most disgusting dish. In the next series, Robson Green travels around the UK in ‘Coastal Fishing with Robson Green’. Robson meets people who make their living from the sea and goes in search of the biggest, wildest, and tastiest fish in the British waters.

Unravelling the new-found mysteries and challenges, ‘Science’s Greatest Mysteries’ answers complex questions like how old is our universe? Why are the two sides of our moon so different? How did iron from space end up next to the body of Tutankhamun? Each episode in this series tackles one question and talks about the cutting-edge labs running mind-bending experiments with a team of dedicated scientists. Featuring stunning computer-generated imagery, the series brings lost worlds, ancient civilizations, and the far expanses of the universe to the screen in a grand visual format.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up for the most spectacular shows from Sony BBC Earth’s exciting content portfolio premiering this November!

Tune in to Coastal Fishing With Robson Green on November 7, from Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM, Science’s Greatest Mysteries on November 21 from Monday to Friday at 08:00 PM, Iceland with Alexander Armstrong on November 28, from Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM, only on Sony BBC Earth

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