Dyson reveals the most neglected spots during cleaning

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Indians are one of the most obsessed with cleaning the spaces where we spend time. According to the Dyson Global Dust Study 20221, 46% of Indians have significantly increased their frequency of cleaning and 2 in 3 Indians clean their homes 5-7 times a week, the most frequent in the entire Asia Pacific region. Take a minute and think that the clean spaces we see are actually clean enough? Is there some dirt that can still be sitting there which is not visible to the naked eye? Even after you are done with a thorough cleaning regime, have you covered areas that could still be a hotspot for dust? 7 in 10 homes have at least one dust-allergy sufferer, yet 40% of Indians still think household dust is relatively harmless, revealed the study1. Oftentimes, we forget the fine dust that may be sitting there and the potential impact that it could have on our health.

While dust is seemingly innocuous, in reality, it is a complex matrix of components including dust mites, dust mites’ faeces, bacteria, small insects, and other particles. Hidden to the naked eye, they are widely spread on various surfaces of your home including floors, sofas, and beds. A simple action such as sitting on a sofa causes particles to float in the air and can trigger an allergic reaction.  

We roughly spend one-third of our lives in our beds2, but the Dyson Global Dust Study 20221 show that Indians hardly prioritise cleaning their mattresses. It may look clean, but it can be a hotbed for millions of dust mites which could be impacting your well-being while you sleep. While the majority of people vacuumed their floors regularly, other spaces were commonly overlooked such as mattresses, walls, ceilings etc. Dennis Mathews, Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson reveals some of the most neglected spots people overlook when cleaning their homes, and shares tips to deep clean your home. 

He says, “It is common to clean dust visible to the eye, however, there are certain places that are easily overlooked. The dust has a negative impact on our health and wellness. Some neglected areas we often fail to notice contain fine dust, which is a key contributor to health issues, therefore it is essential to identify these spots and remove all dust even microscopic in size to ensure a clean and healthy home”

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