5 Animated Shows Kids Love Watching These Days

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Kids today have countless options to choose from the ocean of cartoon shows that have come up in the recent years! While parents’ have control over what their children watch, they can’t wade through this ocean and choose what works best for their kids. To make this task easier, we have picked up top 5 animated shows loved by kids and listed them below. These shows include Motu Patlu, Shiva, Rudra, Golmaal Jr and Chikoo aur Bunty, which takes them into a world full of magic, comedy, adventure, and a lot more!

  1. Motu Patlu

From their uncanny ability to attract trouble which only lands them in hilarious situations to teaching us friendship by always having each other’s back, this jodi takes you on a laughter riot every time you see them on screen. Watch The adventures of Furfuriya Nagar with Motu Patlu on Nick every day at 8:30 AM!

  1. Shiva

The story of Shiva is about holding the right morals and fighting the villains! A not so smart policeman, a classical singer who can bring a tornado with his singing, reliable and outspoken friends, kids have fallen for this show since its beginning. Join this 9-year-old cyclist save his city from evil on Nick, Mon to Fri at 5:30 PM.

  1. Rudra

Kids love magic but they love the magician more! A 9-year-old magician, an evil ruler of Kaal city, loyal friends, failed magic tricks, an adventure to become the successor, this show is filled with laughter, drama, adventure, magic, basically, everything! Watch the show on Nick, Mon to Fri at 10:30 AM.

  1. Golmaal Jr.

The spin off of the popular movie franchise Golmaal, this show takes you in a comical ride filled with light hearted rivarly and innocence. From the geekiness of Laxman to the cunningness of Pappi, Madhav’s never ending desire to win over Gopal and more! Watch ths havoc filled aventures of the Golmaal prank gang only on Nick. Watch Golmaal Jr at 12.30 PM on Nickelodeon!

  1. Chikoo and Bunty

This show depicts sibling rivalry at its best! Since it went on-air, the show has gained immense popularity due to its relatability! From a father who is usually disinterested in the homely banters and a mother who takes charge of everything, to kids who have the BroVsBro vibe going on, the show is a mirror of every Indian household! Check out Chikoo Aur Bunty on Nick, Mon to Fri at 10:30 AM.

From moral filled characters to overpowering villains (oh! They don’t win) and a ride into different imaginary worlds, the shows have it all! Although we get that the list is never ending do drop in your comments to us if we missed out on your kid’s favourite show!

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