Bigg Boss OTT:: Over-the-top twist in the house, Bigg Boss dissolves all connections!

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When the contestants were all happy with their connections and getting all comfortable, Bigg Boss dropped a bomb on the housemates. The contestants were inside the house, the lights went off and out of nowhere a few people covered in PPE kit entered the house, they came and picked up the ‘Buzzer’ which was used to change the connection and left. It was clear that the buzzer was of no use now.

Bigg Boss dropped a shocker on them which left the connections jaw dropped. He dissolved all the connections, and every contestant was free to play their own game! Wow, this announcement saw mixed emotions amidst contestants. Some were happy to proceed ahead alone but a few were sad because their connections broke. The game just got more interesting!! Well, Bigg Boss OTT is going beyond and how. The sudden twist in the game will see some major consequences and not sure if they all will be good. But, we are sure that it will be super exciting to watch these contestants playing solo!

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