Morteinrelaunches its age-old nemesis ‘Louie’ after a gap of 5 years

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 Mortein, one of the world’s leading pest control brands, announced the relaunch of its age-old nemesis – Louie,in its new avatar as Louie the mosquito. The new and more powerful brand mascot- Louie is re-introduced to the Indian audience after a gap of five years.

Born to parents Marg and Mort,Louie came into existence in 1957 as a fly. He was known as a bad, mean, and mighty unclean fly, spreading disease with the greatest of ease. Mortein launchedLouie the mosquito in India in 2004to spread awareness around pest and mosquito borne diseases and is an adaptation of Louie the Fly, drawn and animated by Geoffrey Morgan Pike having appeared in many animated TV commercials.

With Mortein committed to One Health, One Planet, One Future, itfocuses on making India malaria-free by 2030. More than 95% of Indian population is at risk of contracting mosquito borne diseases today, Louie’s come-back will help Morteinreach out to today’s youth to create more awareness on these pests.

Commenting on the relaunch, Mr. Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, Hygiene, Reckitt- South Asia said, Mosquitoes are getting stronger; their menace has significantly increased the spread of vector borne diseases over the past few years. We are bringing back Louie to help create awareness around pests and mosquitoes that have become more resilient and continue to be the cause of disease.Intending to reconnect the mascot with consumers; ‘Louie’; Mortein’s age old nemesis and famous villain will add a nostalgic flavor to its iconic jingle in the latest TVCwhile increasing awareness of managing and controlling pests. This will further help in accomplishing our mission of ‘Making India Malaria free’ by 2030.”

In India, Louie was last seen in commercials in 2017. ‘Louie is back’ in Mortein’s current TV commercial in an all-new meaner, stronger and more menacing avatar- ‘dheethmachhar’, with the iconic ending of Louie not being afraid of anything except Mortein.It’s distinct characteristics including the iconic cap and a big belly resonate with some of the audience till date.

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