Telugu social-drama Itlu Amma releases on SonyLIV

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Society has often set stringent rules for widows at times even making it tough for them to lead a normal life. But one such woman challenges every norm of society in this intense, philosophical, and highly relevant social drama. Directed by the award-winning Telugu director, cultural activist, and filmmaker Umamaheshwar Rao C., Itlu Amma (Telugu: Your Mother) is a movie about the dynamic transformation of a woman who experiences a devastating loss, and witnesses’ injustice in society and fights to make a change. Itlu Amma now streaming on SonyLIV.

Balasaraswathi (Revathi), a widow of many years with no exposure to the world, is devastated by the loss of her son to the hands of crime. The structure of the society and the incredible pressures of the political environment meanwhile mobilize a large section of society against the prevailing injustice. Her experience and sudden exposure to the realities of the world lead to a moral epiphany. The only way she can overcome the loss of her son is by showing motherly love, affection, and empathy to bring change in society. She discovers her inner calling, and after years of being trapped in her home, she can now transform the world not with force, but with love.

On the film, Revathi said, “They say that nothing can beat a mother’s love and that feeling is beautifully captured in the movie by Umamaheshwar Rao. I am really thankful to him for giving me this wonderful opportunity. This film shows how a mother after facing the biggest loss of her life, metamorphoses into a different person and how she harnesses this to bring about a change in society. The character of Balasaraswathi is something that is going to stay with me and with the viewers for a very long time.

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