Top 10 Cartoons Your Child Should be Watching

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We all know how a child’s day starts with cartoon and ends on it. Add on the prolonged hiatus, and these characters like Shiva, Dora, Rudra, Ninja Hattori etc. have now become their best friend and only source of entertainment! Which is why it becomes even more important to monitor what they watch these days! If you are in a dilemma of what your child should watch, here are top 10 shows that your child should be watching : Shiva, Pinaki & Happy – The Bhoot Bandhus, Dora, Rudra, Golmaal Jr., Chikoo Aur Bunty, Ninja Hattori, Paw Patrol, Ting Tong and Motu Patlu.


Shiva is a young superhero with supernatural powers who lives with his grandparents in a fictional city named Vedas in India were fights villains who try to harm his town and the people there. Watch Shiva every Monday to Friday at 5.30 PM on Nickelodeon! and let your child get inspired to be their own superhero.

Pinaki & Happy – The Bhoot Bandhus

Family is a blessing for all of us, but our little friend Pinaki is blessed with a family that is far from normal! Growing up with his Bhoot Bandhus, Pinaki teaches your child how one needs to adapt to the environment of the family and find the key to a happy life. Join Pinaki and Happy Monday to Friday at 1.30 PM on Sonic!


Just Like you, your child will surely be a fan of adventure meet Dora a little Hispanic girl who will take your child on various adventures with her friend, Boots. Follow Dora and Boots on their adventure from Monday to Friday at 7.30 AM on Nick Jr!


Nothing will fascinate your child more than the idea of learning magic and using it to save their near and dear ones! Join Rudra and his friends as they open the doors of imagination for your child and introduce your little one to the enchanted world of Sun City every Monday to Friday at 4.30 PM, on Nickelodeon!

Golmaal Jr.

Introduce your little pranksters to Gopal and Madhav, two mischievous rivals, who with their gangs play pranks on each other which often result in fun, drama, and chaos. Show how small pranks can result in gags of laughter and bring smiles to others’ faces. Watch Golmaal Jr at 12.30 PM on Nickelodeon!

Chikoo aur Bunty

Chikoo aur Bunty brings the sweet-sour and inseparable relationship between siblings that happens in every family. Let your child experience all the emotions from competing against each other to endless fights and the never-ending love that every sibling duo enjoys growing up together every Monday to Friday at 10.00 AM on Nickelodeon!

Ninja Hattori

Isn’t it fun to have a friend who always keeps an eye on you to make sure no one troubles you, someone who has always got your back, such as this is the friendship of the 10-year-old Kenichi and his Ninja friend Kanzo Hattori. Let your child know the importance of good friends as they enjoy watching Ninja Hattori every Monday to Friday at 5.00 PM on Sonic!

Cartoons are an inseparable part of childhood. Every child has a favourite cartoon show. Do comment down below and let us know which cartoon show does your child like the most

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