Working with Gulshan Grover in Your Honor 2 was like taking a crash course: Kunj Anand

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The recently released Season 2 of Your Honor, SonyLIV’s gripping and enthralling courtroom drama has received enthusiastic reviews from viewers. Kunj Anand, whom we all know as Harman Mudki in SonyLIV’s Your Honor 2 had the incredible opportunity to play a revengeful gangster in cahoots with Gulshan Grover. With new plot twists and layered characters, the story got even more thrilling this season. Playing the role of a villain next to the most iconic ‘Bad Man’ in the industry, Kunj Anand had one-of-a-kind experiences playing the character of Harman Mudki . At first, he was incredibly nervous to work with Gulshan Grover but eventually felt like taking a crash course on how to play negative characters. Learning from the best in the industry, Kunj Anand has interesting insights to share on how Gulshan Grover helped him play his character better

The ‘Bad Man’ stepped into the role of a teacher, and guided Kunj through the ups and downs of playing a villain. Kunj Anand shares, “Each role brings a new opportunity for an actor. Working with Gulshan Grover was like taking a crash course. As he guided me through his experience, it helped me understand the nitty-gritties of playing a villain and helped me calm down wherever strong emotions took over” Giving an insight into how he eventually developed the character of Harman Mudki, Kunj Anand said, “I don’t think of Harman as a negative character. I think of him as a man who experience immense sorrow with the murder of his brother, and he must seek revenge. It is up to the audience on how to perceive his character.”

Directed by E Niwas, produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Sphereorigins, Your Honor 2 is an official adaption of Kvodo, an Israeli television serial. Watch the impact of the alliance of criminal enterprises against Jimmy Sheirgill’s grand designs, in this enthralling court room drama only on SonyLIV.

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