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From looking for the perfect partner, to finding perfection in each other. From sharing their dreams with each other, to chasing them together. From gazing at each other to looking towards a future together.From I, me, mineto we, couples traverse a journey and nurture what they find to finally transform it into something extraordinary, something rare. An engagement or an exchange of rings, is that moment -the first step towards a lifetime of togetherness, the time one realizes what they have is meant to be cherished. Couples wistfully embark on a special journey of committing to always having each other’s back,as friends, as each other’s strongest supporters, as each other’s biggest critics, loudest cheerleaders andpartners for life. Whether a grand affair or fiercely private and intimate, this moment is worthy of something truly unique, truly exceptional – Platinum.

Born of the stars and 30 times rarer than gold, platinum is found in select locations across the world, making it much sought after. Another unique quality of the metal is its ability to remain unchanged through time and circumstance, never losing its natural white lustre or form, much like the love one would aspire for. As couples commit to being each other’s strongest allies 95% pure platinum becomes their metal of choice to commemorate this moment. The PT 950 mark stamped on each piece stands testimony to the purity of the metal, being one of the highest that precious jewellery has to offer. And just like the strength of the love that these couples share, platinum’s high density makes sure that it holds onto precious stones firmly and securely for a lifetime.

Intricately crafted platinum love bands, celebrate a love that is truly rare, based on modern and progressive values of mutuality, respect, equality and friendship much sought after in a relationship today. With its differentiated look, unique and modern design sensibilities, its reputation as the metal of loveit appeals to the younger millennials and gen Z. This season, the Platinum Love Bands Engagement Edition tells a couple’s own unique love story, with couple bands that are ideal for this special occasion. The design narrative, featuring on-trend geometric designs, intricate patterns, sleek lines and hints of precious stones is inspired by tales of a love that are one of a kind. Each pair of platinum love bands is embedded with meaning to celebrate a moment that will remain etched in their hearts for a lifetime.

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