Horlicks Diabetes Plus and Apollo Sugar Clinics collaborate to raise awareness around the concerns of Diabetes in India

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Diabetes is an ever-increasing challenge in India. Almost 50% of cases of diabetes go undiagnosed and almost 90% of prediabetics do not even know that they have it 1. Recognizing this gap, Horlicks Diabetes Plus has come together with Apollo Sugar Clinics to increase Condition awareness of Diabetes and Prediabetes by screening close to 50000 people across India.During their month-long drive, Horlicks Diabetes Plus and Apollo Sugar Clinics will offer free screening and people with elevated blood sugar levels will get a free expert consultation and guidance on diabetes management. As a part of the activity, 200 plus Apollo Clinics/Apollo Sugar clinics in cities with high diabetes prevalence2 like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Pune amongst others will be activated. Diabetes has been a prolonging concern in India with nearly 72.96 million adults being diagnosed as diabetic.3 The country ranks #2 after China, with the prevalence rate of the disease set to double in the next 25 years. With a sedentary lifestyle and an increase in processed food consumption, diabetes continues to be an emerging threat with 7.3% of India’s population being diabetic and a further 10.3% being prediabetic4. People who are overweight, smokers, 45 years or older in age, have a family history of diabetes or lead a sedentary lifestyle are at a higher risk of getting diagnosed with diabetes. The only way to tackle this crisis is through early diagnosis and its management to prevent long-term diabetic problems such as eye problems, heart problems, kidney problems, nerve damage, foot damage etc.Krishnan Sundaram, Vice President, Nutrition, Hindustan Unilever Limited added, “The focus of the partnership is to make preventive healthcare a commonplace and reduce the disease burden in India. Diabetes is one such condition where the awareness levels are very low. Early detection and treatment can avert possible complications associated with it. Through this activity, we aim to improve the understanding and accelerate the adoption of cautionary methods to manage diabetes better. Our endeavour is to educate consumers around Prediabetes, symptoms of diabetes, and the high-risk factors associated with it.” Mr. Chandra Sekhar C , Chief Executive Officer , Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd  says “At Apollo Sugar Clinics, our focus has been to provide comprehensive care for people with diabetes . India is increasingly becoming the diabetic capital of the world. Just consuming excess sweets is not the root cause. Lifestyle factors like stress, lack of exercise, erratic food and sleeping habits and, naturally genetics play a huge role in this. We believe that with due diligence, lifestyle changes, diet modifications and proper treatment plans, diabetics can continue to enjoy an active life, while staying aware of their condition. We sincerely appreciate and applaud the team at HUL for taking this conscious step towards the larger cause of helping people live a healthy life. This is one of its kind initiative where we are trying to drive the importance of early screening and help identify diabetics/pre diabetics and migrating them towards the path of wellness through scientifically proven treatment methods and lifestyle modifications”

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