Recurrent leg pain could be an indication of spinal problems

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Changes to our spine are a natural part of the aging process. Pain is often the result of transformations in the composition of our bone or tissue. Sometimes these changes put pressure on the nerves and lead to back and/or leg pain. On World Spine Day, awareness must be raised on recognizing symptoms and taking corrective action.

Speaking about this, Dr Sukumar Sura, Chief of Spine Surgery, Asian Spine Hospital, Hyderabad, “We often ignore obvious symptoms such as leg pain. The reality is that leg pain, especially when walking or standing up, can be a symptom of problems with your spine impinging or “pinching” nerve roots. If you do experience leg pain, then it’s important to visit a specialist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.”

Adding further, Dr Sura, said, “Options such as rest, steroid injections, heat, and physical therapy may relieve pain. If the symptoms do not improve, the doctor may recommend spinal fusion surgery to alleviate pain. Other treatments include MIS Spine and posterior cervical spine correction done with the help of intra-operative nerve monitoring and other tools. They help doctors in understanding what course of action to take with minimal invasion.

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