Monsoon allergies: Are Air Purifiers helpful?

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We all know that air purifiers are known to improve air quality, but do air purifiers help with allergies? Most people think that the rainy season cleans up the air, but another lesser-known fact is that it also brings along triggers for allergies.  Thereby, Muzaffar Izamuddin, Design Manager, Environmental Care at Dyson, educates consumers about high levels of indoor allergens and how certain air purifiers are designed to clean the air in a room by trapping allergens and pushing filtered, clean air back into the space. 

What happens to indoor air quality during the monsoon season?

Increased particulate matter, increased allergens: During monsoons, the humidity levels go up and you are surrounded by damp surfaces and exposed to a higher level of indoor pollutants as well which can trigger respiratory allergies. These allergies are common and are known to cause irritation and discomfort. Moreover, the air inside our homes contains indoor air pollutants that are classified as particulate matter (PM), which refers to particles that are found in the air such as pollen fragments, dust mite fragments and dust mite faeces, as well as particles coming from outdoor pollution, like brake dust and vehicle exhaust particles. Many of these particles 2.5 microns in size or larger can be allergens and larger particles, like skin cells, contribute to dust levels in the home. Due to increased humidity, these common allergens grow more in the monsoon season. 

Increase in airborne pollen levels: Allergy sufferers often believe that wet weather keeps pollen counts low. This is not always true. Light-to-moderate rainfall has been found to decrease pollen levels as it can directly wash out airborne pollen, but heavy rain can have the opposite effect.  A comprehensive review of US meteorological and pollen count data found that less than 10cm of precipitation tended to reduce pollen levels. But more than 10cm had the reverse effect, tending to increase airborne pollen levels.

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