Monsoon essentials 101

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With the heatwaves being hard on us and, finally the clear skyline with clouds as visible as possible, raindrops embracing our face like a gentle breeze, and a cup of cutting chai with hot bhajiyas, will surely get us right in the feels as everyone’s favorite season Monsoon kicks in. Here are some things you can do to enjoy the monsoon with a happy heart!

The best monsoon combination: Chai-Pakoda

There is nothing that can compete with the piping hot pakoras accompanied with a nice cup of masala chai, amidst those first drops of monsoon rain falling. Indulge in making your favorite snacks at home with your loved ones and relax on your couch having deep conversations and enjoying the rains from your balcony.

Consider buying a Dryer

Don’t fret about drying clothes and most certainly don’t kill the vibe of your cozy home by laying cloths all around to dry. Spend more time by the window to watch the clouds pour as supposed to running to find a covered space for your cloths to dry. Purchase a dryer instead! Yes, a one-time investment in a good quality dryer from a renowned brand like Bosch will definitely prove to be truly life-changing. Bosch dryers offer 100% drying with literally zero percent effort. All you need to do is throw in your washed wet clothes into the dryer and let it do its job while you enjoy the rains outside. 

Binge-watching films 

It’s time to grab the ‘baarishwali’ chai and set up your binge-watch list for the season. Indulge in binge-watching your favorite rom-com films this monsoon season. After all, it is the weather that is associated with ‘ishq’ and ‘pyaar’. 

Take a long drive

The monsoon season is undoubtedly the best time to go on a drive with your special someone or a road trip with your best buds. Drive through some of the scenic routes in your city to witness the breathtaking beauty of nature because we all need a break from our daily/mundane/boring routine right?

Relive your childhood / Reconnect with your family and friends

Take this opportunity to reconnect with your family and friends by playing board games like Monopoly or Life, take a moment and relive your childhood days by making paper boats and setting them to sail, solve fun puzzles and do everything else you did when you were a child! You’ll love it. Give it a try.

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