OYO Travelopedia 2021: India busy with workcations, Europe loves roadtrips and Indonesia can’t get enough of Bali

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The past two years have been a roller coaster. But it has also been a great show of vigour and resilience – be it fighting at the frontlines, fast-paced inoculation drives, or the confidence to step out and explore mother nature. It’s clear that if there’s one thing that’s on people’s minds, the rising and ebbing tide of Covid notwithstanding, it’s travel. As soon as the world opened up, travellers hit the roads and took to the skies. And no, we’re not just saying this by intuition or what we’ve been seeing on our late night Instagram scrolls! OYO has conducted a consumer survey to study travel intent and expectations among its user base across some of its core markets, including India, Indonesia and Europe; bringing to you OYO’s fourth year-end annual index – ‘OYO Travelopedia 2021’.

From workcations dominating 2021, to exploring domestic offbeat destinations, to doom scrolling on Instagram and travelling more in 2022, the report maps how consumers travelled in 2021 and their resolutions for 2022. So without further ado, here we go.


2020 was a tough year. Families and friends were unable to meet each other for birthdays and milestones, students couldn’t travel back home for festive celebrations, and friends shared dinners over video calls. But 2021 was somewhat different. According to OYO Travelopedia, nearly 65% of respondents have travelled in the past 6 months and a majority of them visited their loved ones. Some also needed a getaway from their daily routines and travelled for leisure. A few had to keep the economy going and they travelled for business needs.

India is a resilient country – and with mass vaccination drives, travel intent and confidence is back! 60% of respondents have planned vacations for the winter holiday season. However, most seem to plan their trip closer to the date. Nearly 31% said they plan their trips a month in advance, whereas 26% prefer planning their travel only a week in advance. This is a stark contrast from pre-COVID days.

What’s more?

As per data from Sensor Tower, among travel mobile application, OYO users spent 3,232 years’ worth of time on the OYO app in India – the highest in India in FY2021
Subah-Sham. Quite literally. The most popular time to make bookings on the OYO app were 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM and evening 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Fan alert: A travel agent from India made 1193 bookings for an OYO in 2021
OYO’s biggest booking was by a user from Delhi who booked an OYO for 36 people for 72 nights

Hills > Beaches > Off the beaten track

The hills vs beach choice is still balanced with 35% of respondents preferring a trip to mountainous regions, whereas 24% prefer beach destinations. But the highest takers at 53% said they are very likely to explore offbeat domestic destinations. Roadtrips still continue to be a big hit among Indians. Over half the respondents said they would travel by private or rental cars, 35% said they were just as fine to hop on a bus or a train, and a mere 14% were happy to take a flight. Hotels were the top choice of accommodation among users, with approx. 60% opting for it, followed by a preference for resorts and waterfront properties by a lakeside, river or beach.

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