WhatsApp and Mous Lamrabat announce “There’s No One Like Us” photography project

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WhatsApp is a private and global space for people to reliably connect with those most important to them regardless of where they are in the world. This project saw WhatsApp and Lamrabat travel around the world together to uncover the depth and richness of culture within these various communities. 

The “There’s No One Like Us” campaign was first introduced through WhatsApp’s partnership with Greek-Nigerian basketball superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo in September 2022, and now takes new shape through this unique collaboration with Lamrabat.

This particular project features heartwarming  portraits and interviews captured around the world that celebrate cross-cultural identities. The subjects and their stories cross over 25+ cultures in countries including Brazil, Mexico, India, and Morocco. The body of work illustrates the nuances of cultural duality in today’s modern era and gives shape to the experience of global diasporic communities, especially those that are seldom seen and rarely heard. 

Mous Lamrabat said: “My friends and family are spread out all over the world, being raised in different parts of the world, having different cultures and traditions. As an artist, I try and catch these unique differences and put them into context, and by doing so, I feel like I am bringing all these people back home – no matter where they are.  WhatsApp is connecting the world, connecting us. They are making the world much smaller – we are doing this as users but WhatsApp is providing this private and safe space. We wanted to create images to show how small the world is within this WhatsApp world.”

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