Top shows to watch on Sony BBC Earth!

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Sony BBC Earth has been providing a gateway for world-class content since the past 5 years in the factual entertainment sector. The content diversity gives viewers access to titles across Nature and Wildlife, Science, Adventure and Exploration, Engineering and Manufacturing, Fishing, People and Culture, Health and Fitness and Space, etc. As the channel steps into its 6th year, we list down some ground-breaking shows which will definitely make you a fan of them!

Where The Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle – What’s the reality of leaving it all behind? Is it daring or just downright crazy? Adventurer Ben Fogle sets off to meet some people who have turned their back on the corporate race and set up home in some of the most remote locations on Earth.

Naughty Little Brats – Witness the intimate lives of adorable animal babies from birth to adulthood, through the eyes – how they grow, explore, learn, and triumph. Each series reveals the wondrous world of the tiny beings and reveals their story from birth to adulthood, most of it, through their own perspective.

Mega Marine Machines S2 – Starting April 4, Mega Marine Machines is about remarkable technology and the people that create it and put it to use in the last uncharted territory on our planet: the ocean. This series explores the leading edge of technology on the last terrestrial frontier, from cutting-edge diving technologies to iceberg hunters and stealth ships.

Green Planet – In what could be described as ‘Planet Earth from the perspective of plants’, Sir David Attenborough travels the world to explore the extraordinary ways in which plants have learnt to survive and thrive in almost every environment. Be a part of the journey that will take you through the rainforests of the tropics, and the wildernesses of the frozen north starting April 11. Pioneering new filmmaking technology will take viewers beyond the capabilities of the human eye to see the hidden life of the green planet.

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